Remote Access
Let Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. work with your business to provide remote access solutions for remote staff, remote offices and remote clients. Let’s face it, the 9 to 5 is a thing of the past and many need to have constant access to their network and data. Today’s aggressive approach to business requires on-demand instant access with no interruptions or delays. Your office, your data – anywhere, anytime increases the productivity of your remote users by providing them with secure and efficient remote access to your critical corporate data and network systems from anywhere around the globe.
Whether you have satellite offices linked through a Wide Area Network (WAN), a remote sales force that is always on the road, staff members out of the office or working from home, or project team members working off-site we’ll design a remote solution that addresses all of your needs. There is no one remote access solution that works for everyone. By carefully analyzing your requirements and operating environment, we can develop a solution that is functional and always secure.
For example, you have offices in Boston and Europe and are finding yourself emailing files between the two locations. That just isn’t practical or secure. Maybe the offices in Europe need to access the same database. Using the technology available today with current and secure methods, we can build a digital bridge between your global locations creating one shared and secure network.
Let us right-size a solution for you and experience the freedom of a well-designed remote access solution.
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