Help Desk
From new product acquisition to disposal, Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. can support the entire life-cycle of your technical assets, providing customized help desk services based on your industry and the technical capabilities of your end-users. In most IT environments, only a small percentage of help desk support requests are resolved on the first call. Consequently, clients rarely have a positive reaction of contacting help desk for assistance. The key to ensuring your computer is working for you and not against you is having setup correct from the beginning. From initial setup through troubleshooting and repair, we are the help desk support you can rely on to ensure you and your organization gets the service you need.
In today's digital age, technology is an indispensable part of any business. But there are so many things that can go wrong, from not knowing how to operate your systems to mis-configured, viruses, and software conflicts. If your in-house or outsourced help desk is steadily losing ground trying to keep up with your problems, or if you want your help desk support to have a stronger orientation towards service, our help desk support can provide the expertise you need to create a long-term solution.
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. will come to the rescue onsite or remote to troubleshooting problems with software applications, operating systems, printers, or network connectivity. Our help desk services provide computer support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution during normal office hours via telephone support, remote utilities, or onsite support. Our help desk services address your employees' needs directly and immediately. If you moving to a new office, interested in rolling out a new operating system, purchase new systems and transfer computers to different users gives Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. a call to setup an appointment.
Some Help Desk services include:
  • Computer virus and spyware removal
  • Network administration
  • System optimization
  • Operating System and application upgrades
  • Internet security support
  • Printer and Peripheral device installation
  • Wireless network setup and support
  • Desktop or notebook installation and support
  • Home network installation and setup
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Remote support
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