Virus Protection and Removal
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting your data from malicious attacks. Virus and hacker activity are among the greatest concerns to being online today. You have a 100% greater chance of encountering viruses if you browse the web, receive email, or use any file transfer. Since many viruses spread by accessing your email address book, and sending itself to all entries in the list, the advice not to open email attachments unless you know the sender is no longer a safe practice. Unsuspecting recipients see email from you with an attachment, and open it believing that it must be safe since they know you then they too become infected and then keeps on spreading to others.
The only way for a 100% guarantee against any virus infection is to keep your computer from surfing the Internet, receiving email, or using a file transferring software. Since this is essentially unrealistic in today's world, your next line of defense is with antivirus software, but this is only helpful if you are diligent in keeping the virus definitions updated. The good news is that with the latest virus software, you no longer need to manually update the virus definitions, and if this updated is not completed regularly, the software will alert you that it is become out of date. If the software is not kept current, then you will not be as protected as you should.
Literally hundreds of new viruses are released monthly, and virus updates are available either daily or every few days. If virus definitions become outdated, your system will be vulnerable to new viruses discovered since your last update. The latest versions of antivirus definitions are always recommended for the best results in virus detection and removal.
The term virus has become a generic term to describe them all but they are different and while these differences may not seem important to the average user, they are vital for their detection and removal. There are several types of intentionally destructive programs, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Malware/Spyware. Some more severe than others but all have the potential to be fatal systems.
Often times, virus infections will leave Windows and installed software damaged and unusable. In many cases, simply reinstalling those packages may repair the application, but if the damage is extensive, a fresh install of Windows and other software may be required.
You will be able to suspect a virus infection if you do not have any virus software installed (or if the program subscription has expired and the definitions are not up to date), and you notice a change in your computers behavior, such as:
  • Unfamiliar or odd error messages
  • Your system will not power on or has not shutdown properly
  • Unknown programs are loading up at startup
  • System lockups or freezing
  • Any other unusual behavior that is not typical from your system
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. can assist with selection and installation of the appropriate anti-virus software that you need to protect your systems from viruses, web attacks, and e-mail intrusions.
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