Disaster Recovery !
Data Backup, Storage
Are you prepared in the event your computer system crashes? If your small business is like most, the answer is no. Either you don't have a backup system or, if you do, it hasn't been checked since the day it was installed and that means you're putting data that is critical to your business at risk. We cannot put enough emphasis on proper backup and recovery procedures. Have you considered what could happen to your business if you experience a failure of your system or server? What is your recovery procedure? What happens to your data?
Your organization depends on the safety and security of mission-critical data. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. can assist to transmit and store your network data securely either by utilizing an onsite or off-site backup solutions.
We can help you create a disaster recovery plan to protect the data in your business. Have Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. put our technology expertise to work in helping you find the best choice for your environment and budget.
We are here to assist, let us help you put in layers of protection for your data.
Backup Solutions: Do You Have One?
Disaster Recovery
What would happen to your business if your IT infrastructure went down - for 24 hours, 48 hours…. or longer? Severe weather can result with power outages or surges, having a devastating impact on your business by damaging infrastructure from improper shutdowns, causing data loss, or unwanted downtime all together. Power surges and outages occur more frequently than we’d like to believe.
What would happen to your company if you had no email access for two weeks? If your business email was down for 10 business days, could you establish the value of what the damages from that would be? Lost sales opportunities, negative impact on customer perception, inability to meet requirements, inability to meet legal or regulatory requirements? We know most companies do not get a second chance with customers if services go down more than 24 hours.
In the event of a disaster, companies often suffer the consequences of massive data loss, application outages and destroyed hardware. Resulting in a crippled corporate infrastructure that is difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Disaster recovery planning helps minimize the damaging impact of unexpected disasters by preparing businesses to quickly and effectively restore technology infrastructure services following incidents such as severe storms, fire, burglary, server failure or computer virus.
Are you sure you have all the documentation, software licensing codes, password lists, and reliable data on backups to avoid shutting down in the wake of emergencies like these? Disasters are things no one wants to plan for. But making a disaster recovery plan gives you crucial protection for your business, with ways to prevent losing it all in the wake of an emergency.
Where are you vulnerable right now if an unexpected crisis impacts your facilities or systems? Will you be ready to lead a recovery effort when the entire organization is looking to you for answers? Floods and fires can happen anytime, without warning. What have you done to maintain market presence, preserve assets and ensure business continuity if disaster strikes your organization today?
If a catastrophe occurred and you had to move to a whole new office, could you restore your entire network? Have you tested your restore? Just because a backup worked, doesn’t mean a restore will too! Many businesses have found that out the hard way. Small business owner knows the importance of their business data. What many don’t realize is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems. Could your business withstand a major equipment failure caused by an event completely out of your control?
The key to ensuring business continuity is to be proactive, ready and adaptive.
Are you prepared for the worst?
Have Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. analyze your:
  • The daily value of your systems (i.e. how much you could lose each day you're down)
  • How likely certain disasters are, and where you're most vulnerable
  • Steps you can take now, and in the event of a disaster, to minimize damage
The impact of system downtime could include:
  • Loss of Business
  • Loss of Customers to Competitors
  • Loss of partners or affiliates that also depend on the system
  • Legal and government action if critical data or services are lost
  • Eventual failure of the business or organization
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