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Network Overview
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. is your key to high quality network design and implementation services. We offer a wide range of support and choices for our clients specifically tailored to their needs

Network Consulting-Deployment
Most companies today rely heavily upon networks to conduct business. Your network is more central to your business processes than ever before. You don't need to be reminded that network outages and security lapses can be devastating. When spyware and viruses begin to run rampant, desktop applications start to lockup, back-ups suddenly fail, or your networks crash altogether - business can quickly come to a standstill. That’s why at critical times like these it is important to be able to count experienced Network Consultants to assist resolving and ensuring that issues like these are avoided in the future.Choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays a critical role in the success or failure of your e-business efforts. You need a technology partner that can assist your business getting the most out of its network by keeping it up and running 24 x 7 x 365. Let Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. handle the technology so that you can focus on what you do best, your business. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. provides network consulting and deployment services tailored to meet the needs of your business. From network design and installation to ongoing support and maintenance, Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. offers a full range of networking services:
Local area and wide area networks Network design, installation, support and maintenance Network review and documentation Firewall and router installation Infrastructure Switching and Routing Secure Remote Access and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Hardware installation, support and maintenance Voice and Data Wiring Project management Network Security Internet Service Solution Database, Email, and Application Servers Microsoft Server with Active Directory

Network Security – Firewall and Intrusion Detection
In most organizations today, network-based sources of information are heavily relied upon for mission-critical communications. As such, protecting information resources from attacks, viruses, spyware, spam and other malicious threats is of utmost importance. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. offers services for organizations small to mid-sized with uncompromised network security, providing multi-faceted, real-time protection from threats and network intrusion that can negatively impact performance, communications, reliability, and privacy.

Businesses have good reason to feel under pressure today. Amid well-publicized attacks on the world's most sophisticated and best-designed networks, business owners must somehow keep their own networks safe and their companies' private data secure. At the same time they face an overwhelming demand for new communication services, many of them delivered over the public Internet.

When a private network connects to the Internet, it opens physical links to more than 10,000 unknown networks and all their unknown users. While this inter-connection brings exciting opportunities for information sharing, it also brings threats to information not meant for sharing. Again business owners face a difficult task of giving their organizations the connectivity they need for corporate and individual communications, while keeping their sensitive information and proprietary data secure.

Firewalls are a key component of a secure network and must be managed properly to ensure they protect your critical information assets. Firewalls are configured to allow "good" traffic in and to keep "bad" traffic out. Firewalls are updated continuously to support changing business requirements such as:
New VPN users Employee status changes New applications Firewall management is extremely resource intensive and requires a high skill level. Because of the effort and complexity involved, a majority of firewall breaches are caused by the mis-configuration of firewall rules and policies themselves.

Network Intrusion Prevention and Network Detection is a highly effective layer of security you can implement to protect your organization from unauthorized access. Many devices promise to provide this protection. However, it is difficult for most organizations to respond to alerts, apply continuous updates, hire and train staff, and provide diligent monitoring 24x7x365.

Call 978.667.6678 about allowing Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. to support your current and future firewall infrastructure. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. will monitor your firewall logs for security events in real-time. Firewall logs are an extremely valuable source of security information. By monitoring these logs we can identify any malicious activity.

Our customers have found it more effective to have us focus exclusively on security and protect their network from emerging threats.

Secure Wireless Networks
Wireless networks have become a more common place in today’s business environment. The increased usage of wireless devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets in the workplace means that small business owners are taking a new look at wireless local area networks (WLAN) and the positive impact wireless networks can have on the bottom line.

Wireless networking is now an integral part of everyday computing. Today’s wireless networks are faster, and the technology is more affordable than ever. Wireless networking also improves employee satisfaction by increasing productivity, flexibility and accessibility. From the sales force and warehouse to manufacturing and inter-office communication, wireless computing lets employees work from anywhere at any time to review data, take notes, send and receive emails and do research on the spot.

While WIFI networks provide a number of invaluable benefits, they can also be one of the greatest security concerns facing your network. With this increased convenience come increased dangers. Hackers and identity thieves are targeting businesses wireless networks more than ever, looking for companies that have simply plugged in their wireless router and have taken no steps to protect their network. Being that careless is the same as moving into your home, but then leaving every door and window open, simply hoping that no one will come in and steal your possessions. Only instead of walking off with your TV, wireless hackers are looking to steal your passwords, your credit card numbers and your bank account information over your own wireless network.

To prevent this from happening, our technicians can secure your home, small business or enterprise wireless network via encryption or password authentication. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. will ensure your WIFI network maintains the same security and reliability you’ve come to expect of your existing wired network. Security is not a large concern in a wired network, since someone would have to physically connect to a wired network to break in. In wireless networks, a car parked outside with a laptop could easily connect to your network if you don't have proper security in place.

There are many factors in selecting the proper WIFI equipment for your business. Contact Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. to have us design a secure wireless environment for you growing business.

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