Voice over IP (VoIP)
As a small business, you need every advantage you can get to compete against bigger companies with greater resources. The cost saving which Voice over IP (VoIP) service brings to your business is significant. Voice IP is getting more popular than ever. This helps to overcome the problems of complex technology, help smooth improvements and migrations to IP telephony networks. Voice over IP (VOIP) or IP Telephony is an enabling technology. The underlying technology enables businesses to experience similar efficiencies brought about by data networks and applications such as e-mail.
Without a doubt, VoIP based solutions will change the way businesses communicate and design voice networks. The implications of VoIP based solutions for your business can be significant. The technology enables the underlying protocol and infrastructure to plug into your existing data networks. Thinking about a new Phone System? Let Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. share with you the benefits of VoIP, and introduce you to features such as Unified Messaging – when all of your voicemails are forwarded to your email for the ability to retrieve and forward messages to anyone from anywhere.
While traveling a laptop agent can be installed on your system which allows you to place and receive calls directly from your Internet connected notebook from anywhere in the world – imagine the ability to receive a call on your laptop that was dialed to your office extension! Or Find Me, Follow Me, where your calls can ring at your office, then your cell phone, then your home office or hotel room while traveling – always maintaining the appearance that you are available to your clients. Image having the ability to record phone calls or conferences calls, then email them to individuals that could not attend.
If you're considering replacing your traditional telephone service with VoIP then we can assist you. A high speed Internet connection is required for VoIP service. A computer, VoIP gateway, or VoIP enabled phone is required. There are many VoIP service options to choose from and we can help you decide on a solution that best fits your business.
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