Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
What would happen to your business if your IT infrastructure went down - for 24 hours, 48 hours…. or longer? Where are you vulnerable right now if an unexpected crisis impacts your facilities or systems? Will you be ready to lead a recovery effort when the entire organization is looking to you for answers?Severe weather events can cause power outages and prevent employee access – and floods and fires can happen anytime, without warning. What have you done to maintain market presence, preserve assets and ensure business continuity if disaster strikes your organization today? Our disaster recovery services are designed to assist you in focusing on the human side of business continuity, especially if you will be called upon to lead a recovery effort. We help you plan ahead, prioritize requirements and enable your teams to remain productive when they cannot get to the workplace. Our extensive experience in providing workplace recovery services for IT operations in companies of all sizes can make us a valuable partner to your organization. We provide you with the up-front analysis of threats and help you develop effective countermeasures as part of an overall business continuity program. Tactical elements of the program include:
  • IT continuity strategy development and tactical execution planning
  • IT process and critical employee identification and optimization
  • Business continuity updates to plans, policies, procedures, and organization roles and responsibilities
We provide a full spectrum of business continuity services and solutions with highly experienced technical and business experts. With nearly 20 years of experience we have perfected solid business continuity assessment and delivery methodologies and can help you rapidly build programs that ensure the safety of critical business processes and the IT environment that supports them. Our programs can help you to maintain market presence, preserve assets and ensure business continuity and protect your organization from any number of events that can be devastating.
The key to ensuring business continuity is to be proactive, ready and adaptive. We uncover hidden threats and opportunities to validate or invalidate existing continuity plans. We help you build continuity plans that will increase confidence in risk mitigation strategies so you can better protect business processes, information assets and customer data. A balanced approach, solid planning and robust defenses will better stabilize your business should it suffer an attack or disruption. We know most companies do not get a second chance with customers if services go down more than 24 hours, their data is stolen or both. Determining which business continuity measures are appropriate and cost effective is where Paranet provides value. The knowledge you gain from a AO Solutions ensures the alternatives you choose are in line with the level of risk identified.
Our specialists will review your current plan and help you to identify and protect your key business drivers for business continuity. Whether your environment requires near zero downtime with failover to a backup datacenter, or an efficient offsite recovery, we can help you identify critical systems and determine the best approach for your company
Disaster Recovery Planning
In the event of a disaster, companies often suffer the consequences of massive data loss, application outages and destroyed hardware—resulting in a crippled corporate infrastructure that is difficult, if not impossible, to repair. AO Solutions Shelps minimize the damaging impact of unexpected disasters by preparing businesses to quickly and effectively restore technology infrastructure services following incidents such as a fire, severe storm, burglary, server failure or computer virus.
Our experienced IT consultants develop disaster strategies for all types and sizes of organizations—delivering peace of mind by keeping employees and data connected whenever an emergency strikes. Datamax’s comprehensive approach to disaster recovery planning includes:
  • Complete data backup protection from state-of-the-art technologies such as data mirroring and continuous remote replication. Companies can perform daily back-ups or—for added convenience—have data automatically copied to an off-site disk as it’s created.
  • Recovery processes and planning to significantly decrease the time spent restoring foundational technology services required to conduct business.
  • Automatic, online path recovery that redirects data requests when imbalances or failures are detected—guaranteeing uninterrupted access to mission-critical information during an outage.
Disaster Recovery Services: Are You Prepared for the Worst?
What would happen to your company if you had no email access for two weeks?
If a catastrophe occurred and you had to move to a whole new office, could you restore your entire network? Have you tested your restore? Just because a backup worked, doesn’t mean a restore will too! Too many of our clients have found that out the hard way.
Are you prepared for situations like:
  • An earthquake toppling your server towers?
  • The bathroom on the floor above you overflowing Friday night?
  • An AC unit falling through the roof and crashing into your server room?
  • An accidental fire racing through your building?
  • A virus getting into your network, damaging it so badly everything has to be shut down and rebuilt?
  • Are you sure you have all the documentation, licensing codes, password lists, and reliable data on backups to avoid shutting down in the wake of emergencies like these?
Disasters are things no one wants to plan for. But making a Disaster Recovery Plan gives you crucial protection for your business, with ways to prevent losing it all in the wake of an emergency.
In the wake of catastrophes in recent years, many companies suffered badly. Some had to close their doors. Yet almost 4 out of 5 companies today still don’t have any disaster recovery plan in place. Do you? Are you prepared for the worst?
Things to Consider About Disaster Recovery
  • If your business email was down for 10 business days could you establish the value of what the damages from that would be – lost sales opportunities, negative impact on customer perception, inability to meet requirements, inability to meet legal or regulatory requirements?
  • Are you doing regular backups of your core infrastructure (servers, client data, website, Active Directory, etc.)?
  • If so, when was the last time you tested restoring the whole infrastructure including DNS, Active Directory, Files, Print Shares, Remote Access, Email, LOB applications and databases from your backups?
  • Have you documented your disaster recovery procedures? Do you have any?
  • When was the last time you ran a "fire drill?"
  • If your top two IT people were out of the country, and you had a disaster occur, would you have the necessary knowledge and resources to get up and running again?
Choose AO Soluy to assist in disaster recovery planning. We address all of its aspects, from early precautions to emergency repairs, based on our own experience-tested methods and the industry’s best practice standards. These are our 4 listed Disaster Recovery Services.
PlanetMagpie Disaster Recovery Services
  • Disaster Recovery Plans – Disaster Recovery Planning tells you where you may have holes in your infrastructure's stability, where the highest risk for damage is, and what procedures to undertake in the event of a disaster. Any complete disaster plan covers 2 perspectives: network crashes and catastrophe planning.

    Holes in your network may be fixable, or too expensive to properly address (for example, all-new servers with no budget). Either way, it’s better to know – if an emergency occurs, you have a good idea where the problem started.

    Catastrophe planning helps you understand a disaster's costs to your business, and how you can mitigate them. Factors in this risk assessment include: • The daily value of your systems (i.e. how much you could lose each day you're down)
    • How likely certain disasters are, and where you're most vulnerable
    • What your insurance covers, and what it doesn't (new clients, time to replace hardware)
    • Steps you can take now, and in the event of a disaster, to minimize damage

  • "Fire Drills" – AO Solutions uses "fire drills" to evaluate how ready your infrastructure is for disaster recovery. Using a AO Solutions simulated environment or customer-provided test beds, we validate the quality of your network documentation, data backups, and restore procedures. We then ask your key users to verify that the restored data would work for them. If you’re trusting backups to save you, then they should work 100%.
  • Business Continuity Assistance – Specialty firms called "Business Continuity Planning Firms" exist to help companies who've lost their offices due to disasters. These firms provide an entire environment for their customers: accounting, telecom service, networks, etc.
    We help in evaluating whether expanding your disaster recovery plan into a business continuity plan will benefit you. To address precautions like these, we look at questions like:
    • Do you need to consider business continuity preparation?
    • If so, for what systems?
    • What Business Continuity Planning Firm is best suited to cover those systems?
  • Emergency Services – When something's already broken badly enough that everyday operations are disrupted, PlanetMagpie provides emergency repair services. Examples of Emergency Services include:
    • Restoring crashed servers
    • Troubleshooting broken networks
    • Rebuilding Active Directory
Reasons to Plan
Prevention: Think of disaster recovery planning as an "ounce of prevention" for modern business. It helps you evaluate risks to your organization, whether it’s from servers crashing or from physical damage to your network.
Disaster Plans Save Money: If emergency services are required, scrambling to replace hardware or rebuild an infrastructure can quickly result in high costs. A Disaster Recovery Plan gets a jump on emergencies, providing an agreed-upon response procedure and budget. So one method of recovery won’t bankrupt you if it isn’t successful.
You'll Love It When You Need It: When disaster strikes, those who have a plan are more confident in their ability to recover. Those who don’t have a plan scramble, taking longer to recover (and sometimes don't).
No disaster recovery strategy is "one size fits all." Every company's priorities are different in the wake of a catastrophe. We've tested our own plans, and we're confident that we could fully recover our operations and customer data in a very short period of time. If you'd like the same confidence in your business, contact AO Solution today and get started on planning.
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