The majority of businesses today rely heavily on technology to keep their company running.
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc.’s clients are no exception, but they do have a distinct advantage: We ensure that their technology is the vehicle to success. We understand their business, and we understand technology. Combined, our knowledge enables us to customize and deliver sound, strategic IT solutions that function as part of our clients' long-term business strategy.
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. takes the worry out of IT management - freeing our clients to focus on their business rather than technical or staffing issues. Our proactive network maintenance and support programs help our clients' with IT solutions that make their business run efficiently and effectively into the future.
Our IT consulting focuses on minimizing, or all together eliminating the burden of managing, operating and optimizing a company's IT infrastructure, and helps clients navigate the ever-changing IT environment, from data center to desktop. Whether you’re tackling an existing obstacle or planning for the future, let us help you enhance your technology environment and maximize it’s contribution to the organization. Whether your needs are large or small Alpha Omega Solutions has the expertise to fulfill all your technical needs.
Whatever the need—Networking integration, Business application development, Website design, IT Support – AOS offers it, with a broad selection of remote or on-site IT services that are available all at one-stop.
Solutions we provide:
Data Backup, Storage, and Recovery
Printing, Imaging, Barcode Solution
Point of Sale (POS)
Cloud Computing
Web Solutions
Exchange Messaging
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Regulatory Compliance
Hosted Exchange
Messaging lies at the heart of a business ability to communicate with employees and customers. More
Virus Protection
Viruses can corrupt data, effect performance and compromise the security of your data. More
Data Backup
Your data is critical to your business, it is essential that data is securely backed up. More