About Us
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. is a computer consulting company located in the northwest Boston area assisting companies of all sizes in aligning their technology needs with their business goals. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. equip our clients with proven technical services and solutions, allowing them to increase security, reduce risk and achieve greater operational value while focusing on their core business. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing professional and integrated technical services and solutions to small and medium size businesses.
Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. depth of knowledge, experience and resources assure our clients that their IT infrastructure is efficient, protected and well managed. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. is committed to excellence by focusing on providing customers with the highest quality of service at an affordable price. From initial cabling to the end product, small networks are not as expensive or complex as they may seem, and with the resources (printers, storage, network equipment, backup solutions,  etc.) sharing benefits, most users find they pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.
We view ourselves as an extension of your business – which is why every customer engagement begins with a technical review. The more Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. knows about your business, the more return you will see from your investment with us.
To succeed in today's globally oriented, locally driven market, your business requires strategic, business-minded technology experts, who can guide you to evolve with emerging trends. Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. measures IT success in terms of business impact. For over a decade, our consulting expertise has helped business leaders add value, drive growth and achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our team serves clients all over the country as well as managing IT environments abroad for our clients with international operations.
Hosted Exchange
Messaging lies at the heart of a business’ ability to communicate with employees and customers. More
Virus Protection
Viruses can corrupt data, effect performance and compromise the security of your data. More
Data Backup
Your data is critical to your business, it is essential that data is securely backed up. More